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Mahatma Gandhi and the Corea Family of Chilaw in Sri Lanka
Mahatma Gandhi - with a fistful of salt liquified the British Empire
Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi visits the Corea Family in Chilaw
Dominicus Corea - Edirille Bandara (King of Kotte)
'Gandhi - A guest at Sigiriya' Daily News article
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Mahatma Gandhi, 'The Father of India' visited the island of Ceylon in 1927. He travelled the length and breadth of the island. His visit caused great excitement. The people of Ceylon were calling for greater independence from the British who had ruled the country since 1815 having taken over the island from the Dutch.

Gandhi was invited to visit the west coast town of Chilaw by the great Ceylonese freedom fighter C.E.Corea. Chilaw they say is well known for the 'Three C's' - 'Crabs, Coconuts and Coreas.' The Corea Family have made a significant contribution to the country and to Chilaw. They spoke out fearlessly for independence for their motherland and strived for total freedom for the people of Ceylon.Victor Corea - CE's brother was jailed by the British. The famous ancestor of the Corea Clan is Edirille Bandara or Dominicus Corea who was crowned King of Kotte. CE Corea's home in Chilaw was named 'Edirille Gedera.'


Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Chilaw

Gandhi travelled from India to Ceylon arriving in Colombo, the capital city on November 12, 1927. He accompanied by his wife Kasturba, C. Rajagopalachari, and the latter's daughter, Lakshmi. Also accompanying Mahatma Gandhi on his visit to Ceylon were his secretaries, Mahadev Desai and Pyarelal. Gandhi stayed in Ceylon for three weeks.
Gandhi was invited to Chilaw by his friends the fearless freedom fighters - CE Corea and Victor Corea. Gandhi had been in contact with the Corea Family before his visit to the island. He toured Chilaw, spoke to the people of Chilaw and stayed for a few days in a Corea home called 'Sigiriya' in the heart of the town. This was a historic visit.


Remembering the work of Mahatma Gandhi - 75 years of the Salt March - events will take place around the world....

The great Mahatma Gandhi visited Ceylon

The island of Sri Lanka - Chilaw is on the west coast