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Mahatma Gandhi and the Corea Family of Chilaw in Sri Lanka
Links to other Corea Family Websites
Mahatma Gandhi - with a fistful of salt liquified the British Empire
Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi visits the Corea Family in Chilaw
Dominicus Corea - Edirille Bandara (King of Kotte)
'Gandhi - A guest at Sigiriya' Daily News article
Links to other Corea Family Websites

Here are links to certain websites of various members of the COREA FAMILY of Sri Lanka on the world wide web:

Rev.Canon Ivan and Ouida Corea of Sri Lanka
Vernon Corea The Golden Voice of Radio Ceylon
Vernon Corea
Ivan and Charika Corea - Autism Awareness Campaign UK
Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka
Also see the Sri Lanka Genealogy website - Who's Who of Sri Lanka - it contains entries of some members of the Corea Family of Sri Lanka:

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