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Mahatma Gandhi and the Corea Family of Chilaw in Sri Lanka

Dominicus Corea - Edirille Bandara (King of Kotte)

Mahatma Gandhi - with a fistful of salt liquified the British Empire
Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi visits the Corea Family in Chilaw
Dominicus Corea - Edirille Bandara (King of Kotte)
'Gandhi - A guest at Sigiriya' Daily News article
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The Corea Family of Chilaw are descendants of Dominicus Corea or Edirille Bandara who was crowned King of Kotte in the 16th Century in Sri Lanka. He has been hailed as one of the greatest Sinhalese of his day.
He was a brave General in the end he was captured by the Portugese and beheaded - his execution took place in Colombo on July 14th 1596.
John M.Seneviratna in his series on Great Sinhalese Men and Women of History wrote about the coronation of Edirille Bandara (Domingos Corea) who was given the title of King of Kotte.